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The Yasmin Essa Podcast

Jul 31, 2018

Welcome to episode 004 of the Yasmin Essa podcast! On today's show, I am joined by Zainab Ismail. Zainab is a Fitness Professional, Nutritionist, and Movement Specialist who focuses on corrective exercise. She is a Latina convert who resides in NYC.

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Zainab's Bio:

Zainab Ismail has over 20 years of experience as a movement therapist, nutrition coach, personal trainer, and national speaker. Her years of health and fitness experience before Islam involve working with top level athletes and celebrities. 

Zainab Ismail has been helping clients achieve their goals in health and fitness for over 20 years in New York City. She is a graduate Fellow of Applied Functional Science from The Gray Institute and Nutrition for life coach. Zainab has been a national facilitator for The National Academy of Sports Medicine and International Master Trainer for Free Motion Fitness. Zainab has lectured in several fitness centers here in the US as well as in Hong Kong and Malaysia. As a full-time therapist, she integrates an eclectic approach to soft-tissue therapy, movement conditioning and nutrition coaching in New York City. 

Zainab has presented at the national conferences ICNA and ISNA teaching exercise/nutrition for Muslim women. Zainab has also presented for various organizations, universities and institutions like the University of Toronto’s Muslim Chaplaincy, The Al-Maqasid Annual Summer Retreat, Sakina Collective's Conscious Consumption, Safina Society's Covert Conference, and the Mecca Center in NYC as a regular teacher. 
Zainab has been traveling to Chiapas, Mexico for three-years now, most recently Cuba and the Dominican Republic to work and assist the Muslim communities in these countries. Teaching essential knowledge, basic fiqh, prophetic nutrition, prophetic character, and introducing lessons from various books in Spanish.

Interview Questions:

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. How did your passion for prophetic nutrition and fitness come about?
  3. Do you have any non-negotiable daily habits?
  4. What is something that comes easy to you? Alternatively, what’s something you struggle with?
  5. What do you do when you feel stuck or overwhelmed?
  6. What are some ways to incorporate the sunnah into wellness?
  7. Do you have any examples from your life when you overcame adversity?
  8. What advice would you give to someone who is trying to get healthy and has no idea where to start?
  9. What makes you happy and joyful?
  10. How has Islam inspired you?
  11. Where do you potentially see yourself 15 years down the line, inshaAllah?
  12. Where can listeners find you and your work?


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